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Group programs are developed based on the needs of the individuals within the community and those we serve.  These needs are safety, belonging, achievement, power, purpose and adventure.  At JoyUs Beginnings we are curious about why kids do the things they do.  Through these programs, kids become more self-aware and learn strategies that will help them throughout their lives.


The White Lotus Program  


The White Lotus Project is a hallmark project under The Trauma Resource Institute, LLC.  Girls ages 10 to 17-years of age, who were involved in Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), are given a place to reclaim their power, self-esteem, and confidence. This intervention group offers a safe environment with a specific curriculum to address the effects of trauma, increase resiliency, and teach safety and CBT skills.  


Not My Daughter


Not My Daughter is a supportive psychoeducational group for mothers who have daughters in The White Lotus Project.  The group focuses on supporting mothers as they learn how to develop supportive relationships with their daughters, teaching them how to understand trauma and the effects on behavior and provide effective redirection and discipline, not utilizing coercion and harsh punishment which could lead to re-vicitimization.  In addition, mothers are encouraged to identify strengths, and barriers resulting from their history of trauma. 


For more information, please contact us directly at (404) 806-7409 to make a referral or complete a referral form under the forms tab.


This Is My Body, It Belongs To Me!


This is my body, It belongs to me are psychoeducational program (groups) for boys and girls, 5 to 11 years of age.  Children learn basic information about their bodies, body safety, how to effectively communicate about body issues, and the importance of celebrating who they are! At the end of the group, boys will receive Bowties & Boxers boxes and girls receive Princess Purse boxes, a certificate of completion, and are equipped with a wealth of knowledge! 


This curriculum is great for school settings, boys and girls groups, churches, and community centers alike. Contact us to schedule a group for your program.

Parenting in the Real World: Kids Don't Come with Instructions


This interactive parenting workshop was designed to help parents of children from birth through 4 years and was tested with parents and child care providers throughout the State of Georgia.


The curriculum helps parents understand the development of young children and also helps parents deal with stress so that they can be better, more effective caregivers. The sessions of Parenting in the Real World cover normal child development, discipline, bonding and attachment, balancing work and school with family, and caring for oneself.  This class is great for first time mothers and teen mothers.

Cool Kids Social Skills Group


Cool Kids groups were developed with every child in mind.  Groups are based on children ages 4 to 6, 7 to 9, and 10 to 12-years of age.  We believe that the skills for social communication can be most effectively taught and learned in small-group, structured, and supportive environments; then the skills can be generalized to other settings.


Groups meet for one hour per week and are ongoing, based on the child's needs. Skills to be targeted are decided based on group member's strengths and needs. A typical session is structured as followes: greetings, discussion of the target skill, practice of the target skill through a planned activity (e.g., project, role playing, video analysis, etc.), and a short snack time. Families receive feedback about their children's participation in group throughout the year. Skills covered include, but are not limited to:


* Effective communication * Anger management * Developing relationships *Cooperation * Assertiveness skills * Self-Control * Empathy * Positive self-esteem

Emotional awareness


ABCs of Parent Management Training


A highly sought after, high impact, hands-on training for parents who experience difficulty managing and redirecting their childs' oppositional, aggressive, and antisocial behaviors.


Parents will meet over three sessions and will learn what drives their child's behavior, why changing your response is important, how to increase effective communication and how to begin working together with your child.  Parents will make tools that are unique to your family's situation.  Come prepared to engage in open discussion, be creative, learn, and have fun!

Stop Bullying Now


No one likes a bully....Not even the bully himself!  This training is appropriate for all children, teens, and in-betweens! Groups will meet over four weeks and learn various facts about bullying, how not to be a bully, how not to become a victim, and so much more.  This training is intensely interactive and hands-on.






Read with Me Please! Literacy Program



Read with Me Please! is a 8-week program for elementary school-aged children to identify early life goals and read stories that help promote attainment of such goals. The program focuses on the utilization of imagination, enhanced reading skills (taught during the program), and increased family engagement while reading. Parents or volunteers participate entirely as they coach the children, discuss the importance of reading, assist the children in identifying early life goals, and reading books that relate to such goals.  Please call our office for start date and registration information.


Did you know!

  • A student who finishes second grade without being able to read has only a 1 in 4 chance of reading at grade level by the end of elementary school.

  • The current approach to reading failure is remedial, not preventative, forcing students to evidence failure before receiving help.

  • Thirty-five percent of children with reading disabilities drop out of school, a rate twice that of their classmates.

  • Twenty-five percent of adults in this country lack the basis literacy skills required for a typical job.

  • Fifty percent of juvenile delinquents manifest some kind of learning disability, primarily in the area of reading.


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